Become Part of Our Unique Experience

Yorktown Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money to support our mission goal by operating On the Hill Gallery which is staffed entirely by volunteers.

The volunteers are responsible for all sales, phone inquiries, computer administration, decorating, photography, letter composition, financials, newsletter publications, development, design and maintenance of the website, exhibition set-up, Art Stroll logistics, cleaning, marketing and designing posters, cards and invitations, and all the other jobs that go with running a business and a foundation. Each person is essential in the experience of opening and closing the gallery daily, making sure that each visitor is greeted and treated like a guest of honor, and that each visitor’s encounter with us is pleasant and memorable.

Our Gallery welcomes visitors from both the local area, and from all over the world. We need people to greet these people and make them feel welcome in our gallery. You could be that person!

There are numerous benefits and reasons to volunteer. Most importantly, you become a member of the Yorktown Arts Foundation community. You make new friends with fun people that are dedicated to our mission. You gain opportunities to participate in great events and classes. Finally, you are rewarded by doing good deeds for the Yorktown community, and the visitors to our beautiful area. Currently, the gallery sales commission is 65% to the artist and 35% to the gallery. If you volunteer one day a month it is 70/30, two days a month – 75/25, three days a month – 80/20, and four days a month – 90/10 (the 90/10 is limited to six volunteers a month).

You don’t have to be an artist to be a part of On the Hill Gallery. Even if you have only one day a month to help out, we welcome you. We appreciate each and every volunteer!

Patricia Armstrong
Lisa Beavers
Bob Brown
Nancy Bryce
Theresa Brinkley
Susan Copenhaver
Shelley Davis
Oksana Davis

Ellen DeMaria
Gail Eldred
Seth Fisher
Archie & Jean Fripp
Karen Gordon
Diana Haynie
Stormy Hudson
Kim Johnson
Lydia & Cavin Kinsey
Kay Krapfl
Mike & Bernice Kravchak
Joann Lawson
Al Lilley
Rodney Llewellyn
Angie Mack
David McIntire
Betsy Minney
Regina Mynes
Lisa Mosser
Hung Ngo
Cindy Perry
Don Piercy
Jan Price
Peter & Debbie Stipe
Tracy Sorensen
Lew Thatcher
Cerys Thomas
Annette Thompson
Kathy Wahl
Tom Zuk

If you are interested in volunteering for YAF or On the Hill Gallery, contact volunteers@onthehillgallery.com

Our hours of operation are:
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5:00pm
Sunday 12am – 4pm
Closed Monday

11am – 2pm and 2pm – 5pm weekdays;
Bridge Shifts:
11:30am to 3pm or 12pm – 4pm on Sundays.