Ellen DeMaria, local artist

“Capturing the Essence” – artist solo show.
April 7 through April 29, 2017

About the Artist

Ellen DeMaria has been painting for more than 25 years, and more intensively for the last five. She paints expressively – creatively molding shape, color, texture, and form in her work. Her process usually begins with atmospheric watercolor with quick and bold brushstrokes; she instinctively adds whatever other water media that strengthens the painting. Ellen typically starts with light color and deepens to vivid and dark contrasts to make dramatic pictures allowing the eyes to wander, and look for the surprises that appear in the layers of paint. She works with the flow of the paint, and color combinations that may be unexpected at times, and focuses the viewer in on a mood or impression. Splashes and drips create movement and drama in her work.

For this show – her first solo – DeMaria has produced works in the realm of abstract realism. “There are some paintings that show more detail than others,” she says. “It’s a feeling that I want you to experience when you see it.”

Ms. DeMaria explores different ways to work, sometimes creating from a scene or photo, other times, using her imagination to create a picture from her own dreams and experiences. Water features such as oceans, bays, creeks, and waterfalls often appear in her paintings from her life experiences. She grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York, moved to Virginia, and fell in love with the local waters. Her family works in the seafood industry so she is knowledgeable about the life and work of local waterman. Boats, nets, and rustic materials can be found in many painted scenes with the objective to take the rugged subject matter to a more personal, intriguing level.