Michael S. Kravchak solo show, April 8 – May 6

Michael S. Kravchak photo

I have worked in business management for my entire career. However I developed an appreciation for art during my college years. I enjoyed sketching for relaxation and decided to pursue my interest in art as a hobby in retirement. This led me to the Portsmouth Fine Arts Institute and a semester of instruction with Robert Burnell. He taught me the basics of watercolor painting, for which I will always be grateful.

I have read many self-teaching books on the subject, and I have also studied the work of other watercolor artists. Doing this has helped me develop my own style. I love the water, and have great respect for the men who work the water. I love the history and natural beauty surrounding the Chesapeake Bay area and other areas I have traveled. I hope you see this reflected in my art work.

Michael S. Kravchak

Featured Works

York County Middle Schools Art Show



For the second time in our gallery, we are hosting artwork from all the Middle Schools in York County. The show runs from May 7 to 28, 2017 with a reception on Sunday May 7th from 2-4 pm. These older children are bolder in their creative approach to art. You will be amazed at the creativity and originality coming from grades 6-8. The work hung and displayed the same as in a professional gallery. The Middle School Art Show is a judged show and awards were given out the top three in their categories along with honorable mentions.

The show is located at On the Hill Gallery, 402 Main Street in Historic Yorktown, and is open Tuesday through Sunday. The York County Arts Commission, Virginia Arts Commission and the National Endowment of the Arts support the Yorktown Arts Foundation and On the Hill Gallery in its endeavors to encourage the arts in our community.


1 place – Self portrait in black & white, Tristyn Johnson, Acrylic, Grade 7, QLMS
2 place – Self portrait in green and violet, Ellie Wendt, Acrylic, Grade 8, QLMS
3 place – Marker Abstract, Damell Lawrence, Colored markers, Grade 8, QLMS

Self portrait in black & white

1st place – Self portrait in black & white – Tristyn Johnson, Acrylic, grade 7, QLMS

Self portrait in green and violet

2nd place – Self portrait in green and violet – Acrylic, Ellie Wendt, Grade 8, QLMS

Marker Abstract

3rd place – Marker Abstract – Colored markers, Damell Lawrence, Grade 8, QLMS

Honorable mentions:
– Realistic abstract, Pastel, Leah Cabosky, Grade 7, TMS
– Koala Bear, paper sculpture, Belle King, QLMS
– Still life, Charcoal, Sara Butcher, Grade 8, TMS
– Black Wolf, paper sculpture, Penny Brooks, Grade 8, QLMS
– Stamped pillow, Fabric and Paint, Tania Shah, Grade 8, TMS
– Pop Art, Tempera on paper, Dennis Furletov, Grade 8, TMS

yorktown art classes

York County Elementary Schools Art Show

York County School Division
Elementary Schools

As a part of our mission statement to support the arts, our favorite time is the children’s art show. This year we are hosting our annual York County Elementary Children’s Art Show March 5 to 26th at On the Hill Gallery.

Each teacher from every elementary school has chosen a selection of student’s work to be hung in a professional gallery setting. The exhibit will open on March 5th accompanied by a reception.

Each York County Elementary School is invited to participate in this exhibit.

Art teachers from each school select the best of several mediums to be displayed. From painting and drawing to sculpture and mixed media, the children bring their best. Children receive a certificate of merit for their participation. We hope that this experience inspires the children to explore the world of art and develop an appreciation of art and all that it offers.


Last year we were amazed at the talent shown by these emerging artists, this year proposes to be even better. The children will have their work hung in a real gallery setting just as we do for our artists. This is an opportunity to experience the beautiful work our future artists are creating. A reception will be held on March 5th from 2-4 pm. If you cannot attend the reception, please stop by during the time their work is on display and support the children in their endeavors.

The show is located at On the Hill Gallery 402 Main Street in Historic Yorktown, and is open Tuesday through Sunday. The York County Arts Commission, Virginia Arts Commission and the National Endowment of the Arts support the Yorktown Arts Foundation and On the Hill Gallery in its endeavors to encourage the arts in our community.

Art show and silent auction fundraiser 5×5@5 2016

Participation in the show and fundraiser is open to everyone. All works will be a donation to the Yorktown Arts Foundation and must fit on a 5×5 canvas or not exceed 5×5 inches. Artists may donate up to three works. If you work in a medium that doesn’t require a canvas, you can still be a part of the event! Use your imagination for a good cause!

Dates to remember:
Sunday, July 17thAll artists interested in creating art work on a 5×5 canvas – painters, mixed media, photographers – may pick up canvases at On the Hill Gallery
Tuesday, August 30thDeadline for drop off art works at the Gallery
Friday, September 2ndSelected art works will be on preview at the Opening Night event “Art inspired by Water” at the Freight Shed, Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown
Sunday, September 25thAll art works will be displayed at the Yorktown Art Stroll in the Freight Shed, from 11 am to 6 pm, Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown
Saturday, November 5th5×5 Art show and silent auction fundraiser Gala with food and drink at the On the Hill Gallery along with our gallery Holiday Open House, from 5 pm to 8 pm, silent auction ends at 7:30 pm

Freight shed

Preview selected art works at the Freight Shed September 2nd

Opening Night “Art inspired by Water” 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Special Event evening celebrating the arts and fundraising to support arts. Opening Night is a ticketed event sponsored by York County, Celebrate Yorktown Committee, and the Yorktown Arts Foundation. Tickets are available for purchase at On the Hill Gallery and Gallery on York Hall.

2016 Art Stroll destination

Preview for all art works at the Art Stroll September 25th

11 am – 6 pm

The Freight Shed will display all donated works of art from artists participating in the Silent Auction. This will be the perfect time to find the masterpiece you want to bid on.

On the Hill Gallery, Yorktown, VA

Silent Auction fundraiser for the 5×5 art works

at the On the Hill Gallery November 5th

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

We will put the 5×5 work on display in the gallery middle of October and begin taking bids ahead of the event in the gallery. And if you wish to see them now, please do it . Don’t miss the opportunity to own works of art from local well known artists. Come enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and custom dessert, while you wander among the displays of over 50 art works in our Gallery.

Your purchases are tax deductible.
All proceeds will help Yorktown Arts Foundation fulfill its mission, to promote an appreciation of the arts in the York County area, by providing a venue for art sales by local artists, art education, art outreach, and to promote art appreciation. Call at (757) 369 – 1108 for more information.