Limoges style rose – Saturday, June 1 (session 1), 9am – 4pm

Level: Beginners
Medium: Acrylic

Subject: Designing and painting rosy project.
Surface: Students would bring a prepped suitcase, travel case, hatbox or other large prepped surface. The students receive a large packet with colors worksheets, and multiple patterns of swags and borders with grouping of two sizes of roses. Also written step by step instructions.

Suggested Colors for the surface prep: a soft green or French Blue. This is the method I used to paint furniture for 4 galleries when I had a furniture shop. The rose is my method of rose painting is by putting pressure on the brush to form the petals. I will be teaching how to freehand this ten petal rose using patterns as aids.

Cost is $65 per day for non-members, $55 for members.
Instructor: Marjorie Harris Clark