Female face study on canvas – Friday, May 31, 9am – 4pm

Level: Beginners
Medium: Acrylic

Subject: How beginners can paint a pretty face & create expression.
Surface: Base coated 11 x 14 canvas with pattern applied.

This is “Patience” a Quaker girl (real person). I base coat the canvas a peachy tone & apply a careful line drawing in advance. This allows lots of time to complete the project. We paint the face first. This is “Patience” a Quaker girl (real person). I paint in soft layers and I have taught this to many new painters with very good results. This is a fun class, not stressful at all since the drawing is already done. All paint provided I will provide all the paint/surface & prep. The one time packet/canvas & prep cost are included.

Cost is $65 per day for non-members, $55 for members.
Instructor: Marjorie Harris Clark