York County Middle Schools Art Show

As a part of our mission to support the arts, one of our favorite opportunities is host the Art of York County Middle Schools. For some children, it is the first chance to have their art judged, and it is a major accomplishment the children to have their work displayed in a professional gallery. These older children are bolder in their creative approach to art. You would be amazed at the creativity and originality displayed by 6-8th graders. The Middle School Art Show is a judged show and awards are given out to the top three students in each category along with honorable mentions.

The York County Arts Commission, Virginia Arts Commission and the National Endowment of the Arts support the Yorktown Arts Foundation and On the Hill Gallery in its endeavors to encourage the arts in our community.

Each year, teachers from every Yorktown Middle school choose a selection of student works to be hung in the gallery. Art teachers from each school select the best of several mediums to be displayed. From painting and drawing, to sculpture and mixed media, the children produce their best creations.

We hope the experience inspires the children to explore the world of art, and develop an appreciation of art and all it offers.

York County Middle Schools Art Show Opening Reception May 7, 2017

For the second year, our gallery hosted artwork from the York County Middle Schools. The show ran from May 7 to 28, 2017 with a reception on Sunday May 7th from 2-4 pm.

Please check back for details on the Fourth Annual York County Middle School Art Show in early 2019!


1 place – Self portrait in black & white, Tristyn Johnson, Acrylic, Grade 7, QLMS
2 place – Self portrait in green and violet, Ellie Wendt, Acrylic, Grade 8, QLMS
3 place – Marker Abstract, Damell Lawrence, Colored markers, Grade 8, QLMS

Honorable mentions:
– Realistic abstract, Pastel, Leah Cabosky, Grade 7, TMS
– Koala Bear, paper sculpture, Belle King, QLMS
– Still life, Charcoal, Sara Butcher, Grade 8, TMS
– Black Wolf, paper sculpture, Penny Brooks, Grade 8, QLMS
– Stamped pillow, Fabric and Paint, Tania Shah, Grade 8, TMS
– Pop Art, Tempera on paper, Dennis Furletov, Grade 8, TMS

Self portrait in black & white

1st place – Self portrait in black & white – Tristyn Johnson, Acrylic, grade 7, QLMS

Self portrait in green and violet

2nd place – Self portrait in green and violet – Acrylic, Ellie Wendt, Grade 8, QLMS

Marker Abstract

3rd place – Marker Abstract – Colored markers, Damell Lawrence, Grade 8, QLMS