“Abandoned Art” Project

The primary mission of our Foundation is to promote art and art education in and around York County. Recently, the Celebrate Yorktown Committee awarded a grant to Yorktown Arts Foundation to help us fulfill this mission through a new project – the Art Abandonment Project. Art Abandonment is a grass roots art movement, which has been happening across the country.

YAF members have started “abandoning” small works of art around historic Yorktown for residents and visitors to find and keep. Each piece includes a tag asking the finder to take a photo and share their find with the world and us.

We ask that the finders post a selfie with their find on Instagram or Twitter with the #FoundInYorktown hashtag, tagging @OnTheHillGallery in Instagram or emailing a photo to foundinyorktown@onthehillgallery.com.

We hope everyone enjoys these random acts of art (kindness) for the sake of art.