Art show and silent auction fundraiser 5×5@5 2016

Participation in the show and fundraiser is open to everyone. All works will be a donation to the Yorktown Arts Foundation and must fit on a 5×5 canvas or not exceed 5×5 inches. Artists may donate up to three works. If you work in a medium that doesn’t require a canvas, you can still be a part of the event! Use your imagination for a good cause!

Dates to remember:
Sunday, July 17thAll artists interested in creating art work on a 5×5 canvas – painters, mixed media, photographers – may pick up canvases at On the Hill Gallery
Tuesday, August 30thDeadline for drop off art works at the Gallery
Friday, September 2ndSelected art works will be on preview at the Opening Night event “Art inspired by Water” at the Freight Shed, Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown
Sunday, September 25thAll art works will be displayed at the Yorktown Art Stroll in the Freight Shed, from 11 am to 6 pm, Riverwalk Landing, Historic Yorktown
Saturday, November 5th5×5 Art show and silent auction fundraiser Gala with food and drink at the On the Hill Gallery along with our gallery Holiday Open House, from 5 pm to 8 pm, silent auction ends at 7:30 pm

Freight shed

Preview selected art works at the Freight Shed September 2nd

Opening Night “Art inspired by Water” 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Special Event evening celebrating the arts and fundraising to support arts. Opening Night is a ticketed event sponsored by York County, Celebrate Yorktown Committee, and the Yorktown Arts Foundation. Tickets are available for purchase at On the Hill Gallery and Gallery on York Hall.

2016 Art Stroll destination

Preview for all art works at the Art Stroll September 25th

11 am – 6 pm

The Freight Shed will display all donated works of art from artists participating in the Silent Auction. This will be the perfect time to find the masterpiece you want to bid on.

On the Hill Gallery, Yorktown, VA

Silent Auction fundraiser for the 5×5 art works

at the On the Hill Gallery November 5th

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

We will put the 5×5 work on display in the gallery middle of October and begin taking bids ahead of the event in the gallery. And if you wish to see them now, please do it . Don’t miss the opportunity to own works of art from local well known artists. Come enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and custom dessert, while you wander among the displays of over 50 art works in our Gallery.

Your purchases are tax deductible.
All proceeds will help Yorktown Arts Foundation fulfill its mission, to promote an appreciation of the arts in the York County area, by providing a venue for art sales by local artists, art education, art outreach, and to promote art appreciation. Call at (757) 369 – 1108 for more information.

Drop off items for Holiday Open House

November 12 – 13, 2016

This event is open to all Members!
Holiday Open House
November 19th 2016

We will be collecting artwork for the Holiday Open House on November 12th and 13th. If you want to participate in this event please have your artwork inventoried, numbered and priced. We encourage you to bring in small items that can be used as gifts and ornaments for trees. This is the 235th anniversary of the Surrender at Yorktown, so if you feel inclined Ornaments that commemorate or have “Yorktown” on them may prove popular. Please deliver your work during our open hours, 11-5 Saturday Nov 12th or noon-4 Sunday November 13th. Place your work upstairs on the tables along with your paperwork.

Friday we will start to decorate for the Open House.

Please make sure your membership is up to date or your items will not be placed on the floor!

5×5 art works for YAF fundraiser

Artists have created beautiful 5×5 canvas creations in a variety of mediums for this event which is a fundraiser for the Yorktown Arts Foundation (YAF). YAF is a 501©3 organization and all purchases are tax deductible.

Please join us for an evening with wine, cheese, chocolate and friendly bidding for a wonderful cause. Proceeds from this event will be used to assist the foundation in fulfilling the mission statement of promoting arts/art education in the Yorktown and surrounding areas.

5x5 in invitation card

Yorktown Days

1781, British General Charles Cornwallis formally surrenders 8,000 British soldiers and seaman to a French and American force in Yorktown, Virginia bringing the American Revolution to a close.

Fast forward to October 19, 2016. This commemorative day in American history continues to draw people from around the world to historic Yorktown, Virginia. On The Gallery had a front row seat as our armed forces marched by and our high school bands played their finest. No one could deny the pride and dignity the United States Army Old Guard 3rd Infantry Regiment Fife and Drums Corp brought to this event. The corps closed out the parade but were the beginning of the march of visitors to Victory Monument where Yorktown Day ceremonies continued.

Yorktown day – photo courtesy A.Mack

Monotypes   (Children’s Art Classes on Third Sundays)

November 20, 2016

Time: 1 – 3 p.m.
Fee: $25.00/per session/per student
Instructor: Angie Mack

This is a project oriented class, students will leave class with unique pieces of artwork created by the most painterly method among printmaking techniques.

Students will learn the basic concepts of print making on a plexi glass plate while applying a variety of mediums (paint, ink), creating texture and developing relief patterns.
Fun is sure to be had by all.

Students are welcome to bring their own inspiration for designs.
Dress for mess.


yorktown art classes

Art Stroll Archive – September 25th, 2016

Yorktown Art Stroll photos 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-02
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-12r 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-06
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-00b 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-03
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-01 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-07
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-09 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-10
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-16r 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-13r
2016-yorktown-art-stroll-15r 2016-yorktown-art-stroll-05